Hakuna Matata vitamins are GLUTEN FREE. And we are the only leading brand that will put that on their label.

Hakuna Matata Children's vitamins are laboratory tested to provide your child with protection unrivaled by any other children's vitamin/mineral combination. Each chewable tablet contains the right assortment of vitamins and minerals synergistically balanced.

In an independent laboratory test of 127 different brands of children's vitamins, Hakuna Matata came out ahead of all other recognized brands. Not only do the 60mg of Vitamin C and 30IU of Vitamin E provide more potency, they provide all-day long protection that the others do not.

Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. If you are not happy with the results after 30 days, please contact us for return instructions.

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Kids love them!

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All Natural • No Preservatives • Gluten Free • Hypoallergenic • Made from fruits and veggies!